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City of Breezy Point Minnesota
Green Trees, Blue Water, Great People

Crime Prevention



Breezy Point is relatively crime free and we would like to keep it that way!  Criminals are predators that will attack the weakest prey.  Easy pickings will also attract the bandits.  Take the time to prevent crime and send the predators looking elsewhere for easier game.



Anything that isn’t locked is an invitation to a thief.



If it is stolen and you have the serial number we can enter it into a national database.  If it is located in Florida it can be traced back to Breezy Point and returned to you.



We need to know where the problems are occurring and often we recover items that we can not locate the owner.  Sometimes this means the crook goes free!  If your instinct tells you something isn’t right, it probably needs to be checked out.


Consider an alarm, especially if you have a seasonal residence.  The insurance break and peace of mind may make it worthwhile. 


Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other.


Crime PREVENTION is cost effective and much easier than solving a crime.  Stop by the police Department for additional information and pick up a refrigerator magnet with our telephone number.




Sign up for Nixle and get trusted neighborhood news & information sent to your mobile phone & email, directly from your local police department & community agencies.


Crime Stoppers

Give Crime Information and Stay Anonymous

You can help in the fight against crime by reporting information about crimes to Crime Stoppers of Minnesota.  Crime Stoppers of Minnesota is organized as a separate and independent organization from law enforcement for the purpose of gathering information that may not be otherwise available to them but can then help in their investigations.

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