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City of Breezy Point Minnesota
Green Trees, Blue Water, Great People

Frequently Asked Questions


Rules and Regulations for Golf Cart Operation on City Streets  

Proof of Minnesota State Minimum Liability Insurance Coverage for Operation on City Streets must be provided at time of permit purchase. Please check with your insurance agent to make sure you have at least the minimum required coverage for operation on City streets.  

Golf Carts May Be Driven on City Streets:  

  • with current permit sticker displayed on the rear of cart

  • verification of insurance coverage must be carried in golf cart at all times

  • with slow moving vehicle emblem displayed on rear of cart

  • with rear view mirror

  • passengers limited to seating capacity             

    Golf Carts are prohibited:  

  1. with drivers younger than 15 years old

  2. on County Roads (4, 11, & 39)

  3. on Buschmann Road

  4. from City Parks and Trails

  5. during inclement weather or limited visibility

  6. between sunset and sunrise; unless equipped with original   equipment headlights, taillights, and rear facing brake lights

  7. from towing trailers 

    The operator is required to obey all Minnesota Traffic Laws and use hand signals

    An operator can be arrested for D.U.I. while operating a golf cart. 

    Permits may be obtained from Breezy Point City Clerk’s Office 218-562-4441.



Dog licenses are required in the City of Breezy Point for any animal six (6) months of age or more. Licenses can be obtained from the city clerk during regular business hours.     


Proof of rabies vaccination is required.

A collar with license is required to be worn by the animal at all times. Running at large is prohibited.  Owners are required to prevent their animals from barking, whining or howling.


The Babinski Foundation Animal Shelter is the authorized pound facility for the city.  They are located at 2825 76th Street SW, Pequot Lakes.  Their number is 218-568-7387. In the event that an animal is impounded, the owner is responsible for the appropriate fees including Animal Control Services and a $30 Impound Fee paid to the City of Breezy Point.  H.A.R.T Heartland Animal Rescue Team is also a facility in our area that can take impounded animals.  Their number is 218-829-4141. 


This is a problem that is easily remedied with your cooperation.  Prevention can save you many headaches and cash by eliminating costly fees and tax dollars to deal with the nuisance animals.  It can also prevent neighborhood disputes over a simple issue.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.



Shooting of firearms is regulated within the city of Breezy Point.  Because of the varying densities of homes a map has been developed to identify where shooting is allowed.  Depending on density certain areas are prohibited from firing any weapon while other areas allow for the discharge of shotguns with birdshot.  Still some areas allow for the discharge of any firearm.  State law still applies to the discharge of any firearm within the city.  The city does not regulate hunting and the taking of game by bow and arrow is governed by state law. Landowner permission should always be obtained for any activity including shooting.  The Firearms Restriction Map is located at the bottom of this page.



Snowmobiles are allowed on city streets pursuant to state law when conditions allow.  The machine must display current registration.  There are no trails within the city for ATV, OHV or OHM operation


For further information go to the Minnesota DNR website at or contact the Enforcement Division.



The city maintains a public swimming beach on Sand Beach Drive that is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.  The swim area is marked and a satellite toilet is provided.  There are no lifeguards on duty and you swim at your own risk.  The road is a one-way street and parking is allowed on one side.  Parking is prohibited on the beach.  Campfires, dogs and alcohol are strictly prohibited.



A city owned boat launch to Pelican Lake is maintained at the east end of North Drive.  A dock and satellite toilet is provided.  Parking is prohibited in the launching area and the south side of the entrance road.  Parking is allowed along the north side of the entrance road and additional parking space is provided in a large lot on the north side of North Drive.  Violations on the water should be directed to the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Department, Water Patrol division.



Minnesota has approved the use of some types of fireworks.  The general rule to follow is that if it explodes or flies though the air it is unlawful.


Attached Document or FileFirearms Restriction Map  

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