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City of Breezy Point Municipal Sewer Services

The City of Breezy Point bills quarterly for Municipal Sewer Services.


Service quarters are as follows:

Jan - Mar     Billed in January         Due by Jan 31st

Apr - Jun     Billed in April              Due by April 30th

Jul - Sep      Billed in July               Due by July 31st

Oct - Dec     Billed in October        Due by October 31st

If you are experiencing sewer line issues that require immediate attention, please call 218-820-8809

Questions regarding your bill or to make a payment, please call 218-562-4441 ext 255.

Visa, Mastercard & Discover Cards and E-Checks now accepted in person, over the phone or on-lineClick here to make an online payment.

Payments may be mailed or dropped off at City Hall.  A drive-up drop box is located at the West end of the parking lot at City Hall near the light pole. 

 If mailing your payment, please remit to:  

City of Breezy Point

8319 County Road 11

Breezy Point  MN 56472


Currently we do not have the capabilities to set up automatic payments for sewer services however; most banks offer automatic bill paying services to their customers.  Please contact your bank to discuss this.  Below is the information your bank will need to set this up: 

          Customer Name:               (As Shown on Bill) 

          Account Number:              (As Shown on Bill, Including Dashes) 

          Amount:                             (As Shown on Bill) 

          Due On or Before:             January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31.


The following is an excerpt from Section 50.04 of the City of Breezy Point Ordinances, Rules and Regulations Relating to Municipal Utilities*

Billing, payment and delinquency.  All municipal utilities shall be billed monthly or quarterly, and a utilities statement or statements shall be mailed to each consumer each month (or quarterly). All utilities charges shall be delinquent if they are unpaid within thirty (30) days after the date of the bill. Payments received by mail postmarked on or before the 30 day period shall be deemed paid within said period.   A penalty of ten (10%) percent of the unpaid balance of charges per billing period shall be added to and become part of all delinquent utility bills. An administrative fee will be added to the utility bill when the account remains delinquent for 2 consecutive billing periods at the end of their first 30 day notice for non-payment, if unpaid.  If service is suspended due to delinquency, it shall not be restored at that location until a re-connection charge has been paid for each utility reconnected in addition to amounts owed for service and penalties.

If a sewer consumer has agreed to a payment plan to address their delinquent account and failed to fulfill their obligations under the plan, a payment plan will not subsequently be available and all delinquent amounts must be paid in full to maintain sewer service. 

Discontinuance of service for non payment 

When municipal utilities are to be shut off or discontinued because of non-payment of municipal utility charges, or any other financial obligation imposed on the owner or occupant, if known, of the premises served, as described in § 50.02; the following steps will be taken: 

Notice of Intent to Disconnect Municipal Utilities shall be sent to the owner and to the occupant, if known, of the premises served.  Recipient has 30 days within which to remedy the circumstances causing the deliver of the notice before the municipal utility will be disconnected or to address any billing problems.  

Final Notice of Intent to Disconnect shall be sent, by certified mail, to the owner and to the occupant, if known, of the premises served.  Recipient has 30 days within which to remedy the circumstances causing the deliver of the notice before the municipal utility will be disconnected or to address any billing problems.  

Following the second 30 day notice the recipient will receive a 48 hour posted notice that the sewer service will be discontinued if payment for sewer isn’t remedied.  

Additional information: Payment for all municipal utility (as that term is defined in § 50.01) service and charges shall be the primary responsibility of the owner of the premises served and shall be billed to him or her unless otherwise contracted for and authorized in writing by the owner and the tenant, as agent for the owner and consented to by the City of Breezy Point, Minnesota. The city may collect the same in a civil action or, in the alternative and at the option of the city, as otherwise provided in this division. 

Special Assessment Certification: Any account which is 30 days delinquent and or disconnected for non-payment shall be certified for assessment to the County Auditor and placed on the tax rolls against the property in the same manner as other taxes, collected by the County Treasurer and paid to the city along with other taxes.  

 *The City of Breezy Point Code of Ordinances is kept on file and open to inspection during regular business hours.  Please contact the City Clerk at City Hall located at 8319 County Road 11 in Breezy Point, Minnesota or by telephone at:  218/562-4441

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